10 Under $100 : Baby Snow Boots

by Keyaira Boone

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The sharp drop in temperatures and the (bootleg?) blizzard this week has everyone on the east coast trying to stay warm. But while we’re bundling up in our blanket scarves and checked coats we can’t forget about dem babies! If you haven’t found the time to focus on securing new outwear for your little one this season, have no fear. We’ve rounded up some fashionable and functional baby snow boots options that are wallet friendly and ready to protect little feet for the storms ahead. Laced Up

Colored laces are a great way to add some spark to your little prince or princess’s step. Laces also have the added benefit of being more difficult to take off for the toddler who just can’t wait to set their tiny toes free.

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Cozy Booties

For the child who isn’t quite ready to take on the outdoors cozy booties are a must have. Just like socks in the winter, slip-on booties are a great way to keep baby’s feet constantly covered yet still comfortable.

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cady-in-boots (1)

Cady loves styling in her fuzzy fur booties!

Trotting Toddlers For those who are already running about boots that are cushioned at the top and hard at the bottom are a great fit. The cushion allows kids to pull on the boot without fuss while the hard bottoms keep their socks safe from snow and sleet. Bright colors like hot pink and neon green can be used to match a lunchbox or backpack.

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What are your favorite styles for snow?

-Keyaira N. Boone