10 Things I Wish I Could Do While Pregnant

by Christina Brown

10-things-third-trimester Editor's Note: I first wrote this post when I was 36 weeks pregnant, and frustrated beyond belief. Not only was I ready to NOT be pregnant anymore and anxious about meeting my little princess, but there were fundamental things I just could not do! Looking back on it now, post-pregnancy, I can only laugh. I'm sure you will too if you've ever experienced it (or currently are). Enjoy! There are quite a few things you take for granted as a woman before you become pregnant. Simple, everyday things that you will yearn for once you’re well into your third trimester like I am. This post will serve as a reminder to my post-pregnancy self of how grateful I should be for these simple luxuries. Here are 10 things I desperately wish I could still do: 1. Lotion My Feet Nobody told me the "ashy" struggle would be SO real. I'm used to being able to lotion my lower legs, ankles and feet with ease after hopping out of the shower. Now, due to my overwhelming belly, I've been subjected to dropping lotion/oil from above and rubbing my feet together vigorously in hopes that the solution will spread. Woe is me. mom-jeans-8 2. Scratch My Ankles Lord help me if I get the urge. Because I simply cannot reach. I try and I fail. And so I rub my ankles up against any hard surface in my pathway to relieve the itch. The life I live. Sigh... 3. Shave My Legs Sex appeal is out the window. Thank goodness I'm pregnant during the winter when long pants are the norm. Because this is out of control. My hormones are making hair grow like crazy, and I don't have the ability to shave standing up in the shower. Eek! 4. Go more than 2 hours without eating...something Did somebody say chicken? NO? Ok. Because I'm definitely smelling it. Or maybe I'm just hungry...again. 5. Picking Something Up. Anything, really. The other day I was singing in the shower to Beyonce and I dropped my bar of Dove soap. Stop. Rewind. The other day I was singing in the shower to Beyonce and my bar of soap didn't exist. Such is the mentality of a prego. You drop something? It didn't actually exist. Because you can't pick it up anyway. asos-maternity-lace-dress-4 6. Sleep On My Belly I've been sleeping on my belly since I can remember. My mother tells me stories of my infancy when sleeping on my belly was the only way to get me to settle down and fall asleep. Fast forward 20-something years and the rule still applies. Only now, this tiny person in my womb won't let me be great. So I'm sleeping on my side with a body pillow in between my knees, angry at the world. Such is my life. 7. Walk More Than 10 Feet Without Getting Winded. I feel like Professor Klump. Remember that Eddie Murphy movie? Even though most of my pregnancy weight is in my belly, I definitely have trouble walking anywhere these days. I mean, a simple trip to the kitchen feels like a marathon. It's crazy. 8. Put My Own Shoes On It's official. I need assistance with my shoes. This means if I ever planned on running out of the house by myself for a guilt-free run to my local fast food joint for a cheeseburger or a milkshake - not happening. Unless I can get there barefoot. 9. Wear Pantyhose This is totally not something I thought I would miss at all, but I really do miss being able to throw on a pair of pantyhose with my dresses. I LOVE dresses. But tri-state area weather is just not friendly to mini dresses without stockings on. I haven't found any maternity lines that carry great pantyhose. If you know of any, help a sister out.


10. Sip A Cocktail Last but not least. I'm not one of those heavy drinkers but I do enjoy an occasional fancy cocktail. Wine is my drink of choice, a la Olivia Pope, and so I definitely miss being able to indulge here and there. It's "mocktails" and sparkling apple cider for me from now until she arrives.

Even with all the frustration over things I can't do during this final chapter of my pregnancy, I'm ecstatic for the birth of my baby girl. I know when it's all said and done that this rough patch will be totally worth it!

Have you ever experienced this? What things do you/did you wish YOU could do while pregnant?