3 Tips For An Easy Bathtime Routine With Baby

by Christina Brown

Ever since Cadence was born, I've been one of those moms who makes a nighttime ritual of bathing her baby. As soon as the doctor gave the ok for my little one to have a bath, I was ready. And ever since, Cadence's nighttime baths have become part of our nighttime routine for unwinding, bonding with me and her Dad, and preparing her for a restful sleep. Now that I have a new little one on the way, I know I'm going to cherish our bathtime rituals even more. In honor of National Baby Safety Month, I've partnered with Baby Magic to present you with a few tips to create a safe and easy bathtime routine with your baby or toddler. Here's what we do: 1. Set up a tranquil environment. Bath time is an opportunity for you to prepare little one for a restful sleep. I really attribute Cadence sleeping through the night at an early age, with me establishing a sleep routine for her early on. And it always starts with a warm bath. I typically cut off the television and/or radio so it's calm and serene in the house. I make sure the water is warm enough so she's comfortable (not scalding) and I opt for cleansers that have scented lavender for a calming effect, like Baby Magic's Calming Baby Bath. 2. Give them something to do. One way to help baby enjoy the bath more is to give them a squishy toy, their own mini washcloth or something to occupy little fingers while you rinse them. Toddlers and kids love to be involved, so it was a no-brainer for me to give Cadence more independence in the tub as she got older. Now, she squeezes out her own soap onto her washcloth, she helps mommy reach the hard-to-reach places, and she plays a very active role in making sure she's squeaky clean before bed. Fun bathtime toys are a plus! 3. Always keep an eye on them. It may be tempting to use bathtime as an opportunity to do a few things around the house while they're occupied, but really up until they're older you should be keeping a close eye on them in the tub. Cadence is three and highly unlikely to get hurt in the little bit of water I place in her tub, but I still don't feel comfortable having her out of my sight for longer than a few seconds. You just never know! For babies up until two you should be especially careful to actively participate in bathtime with them, keeping them at eye level at all times. What are some of your rituals during bathtime? Anything you do to help your little ones sleep better? Share them below!

This post is sponsored by Baby Magic. All opinions expressed above are my own and not those of the company.