5 Books That Give My Daughter Curl Confidence

by Christina Brown

Happy-Hair-BabyOne of the big themes of this platform is not only to help give you mommies the confidence you need to be the best parents that you can be, but also to share some of the tools I use to instill confidence in my little one. Bedtime stories were always my favorite part of my nighttime routine as a child, and as such I've passed that down to Cadence. Growing up, "curl confidence" wasn't really a thing because most little brown girls my age (myself included) got their hair relaxed after a certain time. Now that we're in a new era with much more curl appreciation and acceptance, I try to read books to Cadence that will reinforce how beautiful her hair is. Here are five of our bedtime favorites that instill curl confidence:

1. Happy Hair by Mechal Roe


What I love about this book are the bright illustrations and the positive affirmations. The book features illustrations of beautiful brown girls with different hair types, styles and features. I love that it celebrates diversity in curls and self-love. www.HappyHairShop.com

2. I Love My Hair by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley


Aside from being beautifully illustrated, this book tells a special story about a girl named Keyana who takes you through her detangling sessions with mommy to her experience being teased at school but regaining her pride with reassurance from her teachers and parents. It's an inspiring story and one any curly girl can relate to.

3. Chocolatey Brown

Chocolatey BrownWe did a review of Chocolatey Brown last summer. Since then, this book has been a bedtime staple for Cadence. Even though the premise of the book is about celebrating your brown skin (which is equally awesome and needed), there's a page in the book in which the main character's classmate plays in her hair and says she wishes she had her beautiful braids. I loved this page, because I remember being in elementary school and playing with my straight-haired friends and wishing I had THEIR hair. Such a great message about recognizing the beauty of kinky curly hair. www.ChocolateyBrownBook.com

4. Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair by Ariane Roberts

jamie-loves-her-hairThis book in particular has a great message about accepting your curly hair in its different forms. From when it's curly and shrunken after swimming to when it's long and blown-out. It also features little girls of different skin tones and hair colors who have curly hair as well. www.JamieLovesHerHair.com

5. Emi’s Curly Coily Cotton Candy Hair by Tina Olajide

emis-curly-coily-cotton-candy-hairThis book is about accepting and maintaining your curly hair. We see Emi recap her entire process from washing and detangling to wrapping up her hair for bed at night. Makes it a little for me to explain to Cadence why her nighttime routine includes twisting or braiding her hair down and throwing on a bonnet. www.HeyEmi.com

What about y'all? Any favorite books you read to your kids about loving their curls and curl confidence?