Baby Chic: Cadence's First Style Post

by Christina Brown

cadence-first-ootdI cannot believe how quickly time flies. It feels like I made my "Boy or Girl?" announcement just yesterday. Here we are exactly 8 weeks after giving birth and my little princess is debuting in her first outfit post ever! I can't believe my little squishy baby is almost 2 months old. cadence-ootd-3 It took me a while to get comfortable with the idea of putting Cadence's photos up for the world to see. I've heard many a horror story about parents putting their kids' pics online and it not turning out well, so I've had my fair share of hesitation. But alas, I couldn't hold baby Cadence's cuteness back from you guys. Many of you who follow me here have been loyal followers on for years. And so I couldn't help but share my excitement with you all. I have a daughter! I still can't even wrap my head around that. cadence-ootd-2 Anyway, on to the outfit! Baby Cadence is wearing a Carter's striped creeper, Gerber socks and a pink bow headband from Babies R Us. Confession: 75% of Baby Cadence's closet is Carters. We LOVE Carters. cadence-ootd-4 They have the absolute cutest outfits for kids, and you can find them everywhere - Babies R Us, Target, Dillard's, you name it. cadence-ootd-5

Cadence is still working on her outfit poses. She's been watching mommy in the mirror. Not bad for her first time right?

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