BabyBrownSugar Update: 2 Years (Going on 25)

by Christina Brown

pngsample-6338I can't believe it's been a whole year since the last BabyBrownSugar Update! Wow, so much has changed with Cadence since then. She's now 2 and a half...going on 25 (as the old folks would say). She's a toddler with teenager tendencies is what I like to say. Cadence is still my little bundle of joy but now she has an opinion about everything, she's very outspoken, often emotional, and incredibly brilliant. I couldn't be prouder of how she's growing now that she's over 2 years old. Here's a quick rundown: Cadence Loves To Dance I thought it was only fitting for her to wear her favorite leotard and tutu for this update post. Cadence absolutely LOVES to dance. Whether she's at her ballet and tap class or at home jammin' to the latest pop hits. That is her favorite extracurricular activity. pngsample-6156 Cadence is Particular About Her Music If we're in the car, she will undoubtedly request Meghan Trainor. She also tolerates mommy's gospel playlists and my recent obsession with Solange's "A Seat At The Table". But for the most part it's her girl Meghan OR (censored) Drake. pngsample-6112 Cadence is Very Outspoken About Her Style Choices So we have a general rule that Cadence can pick our her own shoes for the day as well as her jacket. Everything else is mommy's choice (based on the weather, her activities for the day, etc). But I allow her a little freedom with her style so she can start feeling confident about making those decisions. And also so she's feel GOOD in what she has on. Boy, I can't wait to start her at a preschool with a UNIFORM. Life will be so much easier. Also, she prefers anything that glitters. From her headband to this very tutu. If there's glitter involved, she's there with bells on. pngsample-6293 Cadence Strongly Dislikes Broccoli (and other similar vegetables) The struggle is real getting a toddler to eat greens. Broccoli seems to be her detonator so I've stopped making it for her because she literally runs in the opposite direction. But I do get away with putting greens in quiche and serving it to her (she likes quiche) and occasionally I can hide greens in her mac & cheese. Thankfully, she likes raw carrots. So for now, she's getting tons of Vitamin A. Cadence is Officially Potty-Trained Boy was this a journey. I almost thought I'd be changing her little diapers 'til the end of time. But all it took was a little consistency and a few "accidents" for her to get serious about going to the potty. Thankful to her school teachers for helping with the process. I'm going to share a post soon with tips on potty-training toddlers based on what I did. Every child is different and every process is going to vary - that's my biggest takeaway from that journey. Shoutout to Huggies Pull-Ups. She still wears them at night. pngsample-6355 Cadence Knows Her Colors & How To Count To "10" in Espanol I started teaching Cadence to identify colors at a pretty early age. Whatever she could identify, I praised her and just kept reinforcing colors with her crayons, her bath toys, whatever was around. And this summer, I picked up some flash cards at Target (they were about $1 for one pack), that have colors, shapes, letters and numbers for 3 and 4 year olds. I'm always a fan of teaching the kids early. The more prepared they are, the better. And shoutout to her daycare teacher Miss Tanya for teaching her how to count to 10 in Spanish.

Photos by Joe Chea

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