BabyBrownSugar Update: 4 Months

by Christina Brown

4-month-baby-updateHey folks! So it's officially summer and just like that, my little princess is already 4 months old! Can you believe it? Soon she'll be going to prom. *cries quietly in corner* 4-month-update-3So I must say although squishy little newborns are adorable to stare at, they are not nearly as fun as squishy little infants. Cadence is SO much fun now that she can recognize her family members and react to what's going on in her environment. 4-month-update-2She not only reacts to what's happening around her but she has the sassiest little personality I've ever seen in a 4 month old. Here's what my princess is doing now that she's 4 months old: Cadence Sleeps At Least 8 Hours 4-month-update-4I was blessed in that Cadence started sleeping through the night around 2 months old. I literally did a praise dance the first night she slept longer than 5 hours. Now Cadence sleeps at least 8 hours through without waking up to eat. My body and mind thank her profusely. Cadence Knows How To Grab 4-month-update-7Now that she's older, she has finally figured out how to make her little hands cooperate. She started grabbing things in early May, around Mother's Day. Just a week ago I gave her the rattle for the first time and she actually held it for a whole 5 minutes and shook it around. I wanted to cry. I always want to cry smh. Cadence is Curious 4-month-update-10Cady has always been very focused, in general. She focuses on things pretty easily and doesn't break her gaze, not even when there are loud noises around. Also, she looks everywhere all the time. Constantly taking in her surroundings and (I'm sure) asking herself what everything is. Yes, she's that baby giving you a blank stare on the train. Because she can. And she's a boss. Cadence Likes To Talk 4-month-update-8The first time I heard her utter a word was around 2.5 months. I was just in her face talking and laughing and suddenly out came "ah-goo!" I looked around like "Are you talking to me?" I mean it was Now-a-days Cadence is having full fledged conversations in her baby babble. I kid you not. When she's happy you know it. She likes to laugh and play and make high pitched noised when she's in a good mood. Cadence Likes To Argue 4-month-update-9Let's just say I may have a lawyer in the making. Not only does she argue fervently and relentlessly but she does it with such enthusiasm! It cracks me up. What amazes me most is that she has really discovered how conversation works. Right after yelling, Cadence waits for you to respond before she continues with whatever rant she's on at the moment. Cadence Is Happier Without Shoes (or Socks) 4-month-update-11According to my family, I was the same way as a baby. I hated socks and shoes. To this day I'd rather walk around the house barefoot. So I guess that's where she gets it from. You want to see Cadence happy? Take off her socks and shoes. 4-month-update-5 That's all folks! I wish I could put in words how amazing this entire motherhood journey is but it's almost impossible to do. To see this little bundle of joy that grew inside my womb pop out and now be able to talk back to me and do all these amazing things is just...priceless. Wish me luck! This month Cadence will taste something other than milk, water or Baby Tylenol for the first time. We're going to start out by giving her rice cereal.

Any advice for introducing food to baby? Let me know in the comments.