BabyBrownSugar Update: 6 Months

by Christina Brown

6-month-baby-updateWow. Summer 2014 has really been kicking me in the behind! I literally blinked and suddenly it's August and summer is soon coming to an end. Time is flying. Cadence is officially 6 months old! Today is her half-birthday and I couldn't be more excited to be at home spending time with her. As I type, she's taking her afternoon nap before we head out to take a dip in the pool and have a mini picnic. mom-baby-white-dresses I recently declared on LoveBrownSugar that I am taking a summer hiatus in hopes of spending as much time with Cadence as I can this summer. This little girl is growing so fast it makes my head spin. So before she starts walking right out of my front door to spend time with everyone else but me, I'm going to soak up these last precious days of summer with her. Here's a quick update on what Cadence is doing these days: Cadence is eating solids! baby-eating-food We started her on rice cereal at 4 months and oatmeal two weeks after. She loved both so once she turned 5 months we gave her a bowl of her very first real food - carrots! Now carrots are not traditionally a "first food" but her Dad and I are not very traditional with her anyway. She's been about a month ahead in development since she popped out of the womb so we thought she'd be good with them. And that she was. She ate the WHOLE bowl. Cadence also eats apples, bananas, green beans, zucchini, pears, peas and sweet potatoes. This month we'll have some fun trying out new foods with her. Cadence is grabbing EVERYTHING.


So she took her first stab at grabbing around Mother's Day, like I mentioned in my last post. Since then she's been on a roll. First it was a rattle, then a few teething toys. Now it is literally everything on top of the table, everything you're wearing, hair, jewelry. All fair game for Cady.

The bright side of all this? She also successfully holds her own bottle! Which means, you guessed it, more multi-tasking for mommy - woot!

Cadence can crawl in a 360 degree circle. baby-crawling It is the absolute funniest thing to watch. Though she does move forward and backward once in a blue moon, Cadence's favorite direction to crawl is around in a circle. I noticed this one day in June when I placed her on her play blanket with toys and looked down 60 seconds later to see her facing the exact opposite direction I put her down in! Cadence is (almost) sitting up. baby-white-dress-laughing She's not quite capable of doing it all by herself yet, but she's close! Right now, Cadence would be considered a Supported Sitter (by Gerber at least) because she can sit upright but tends to fall forward without something holding her up due to the weight of her head. This is pretty accurate for most babies her age. She's only a few weeks out from being able to go it alone. Here's an updated list of Cady's likes and dislikes: Cadence likes: - Swimming (especially when sunglasses are involved)


- Social gatherings (particularly parties and church - pretty much any big rooms with lots of people) - Shiny Accessories (especially her Uncle's sunglasses)


- The Chica Show (on Sprout) - Any and all food you give her - Dancing - The ABC song - Trips to the Farmer's Market


Cadence dislikes: - Being strapped into her high chair - Her swing when it stops moving baby-crying - Commercials during The Chica Show - Turning over on her back and not being able to turn back on her stomach (imagine a turtle, but with a deafening squeal) - When there's no milk left in her bottle baby-smiling All in all, Cadence is growing to be a beautiful, independent and incredibly intelligent little girl. Every day there's something new with her. She is so amazing.

Anyhoo, anything I have to look forward to this month? Any moms out there remember when their kids were this age? Any advice?