BabyBrownSugar Update: 8 Months

by Christina Brown

8-month-baby-update Geez. Time is rushing by without so much as a warning or an "excuse me". Cadence is already 8 months old! My jaw is on the floor and my eyes are filled with tears (per the usual). 8month-1 I can't believe her 1st birthday is slowly creeping up. I've already started thinking about themes and invitations and the like. "I wasn't readyyy!!" *Kevin Hart voice* 8month-2 Ok so here's what baby girl is up to since her 6 month update: Cadence attempts to touch everything. Everywhere. We're now at the point where baby-proofing is a necessity. She puts her little fingers around the outlets in her room. She pulls on drawers, tears up papers and pretty much wants to experience everything the world has to offer at her fingertips. I put her in a shopping cart for the first time ever and almost had a heart attack. Cadence is sitting straight up (and trying to stand every chance she gets!) Cadence is officially a sitter! Which means, according to Gerber, that she can eat all the puffed snacks her little heart desires. We started her on Plum Organics organic puffed snacks. So far she loves them and is enjoying the art of the chew. 8month-5 Cadence has mastered the art of arguing (aka responding to me angrily even though she isn’t saying real words) She's really picking up on this thing called dialogue. Though she doesn't quite know how to respond with words yet, her looks and random sound outbursts say it all. She's very adamant when she wants to do something and she'll argue with me until I give her "the look". You know, that "Mommy says no" look. At least she recognizes "the look". little-me-lace-dress-2 Cadence officially knows how to smile on que for the camera (or impromptu iPhone selfies) I can't get this girl to stop smiling and I love it! She now recognizes when the camera is on. She smiles at it with the largest Kool Aid grin you've ever seen. And she loves taking selfies with mommy. I mean, is she a style blogger's child or what? #shegetitfromhermama Cadence can crawl forward. And I officially need to baby-proof the entire house.

Cadence's likes and dislikes are now updated as follows:


Cadence likes... - Chunkier purees (and a little table food!) - To say “Dada” ALL.THE.TIME. No shade but this chick hasn’t said "Mommy" once and I’m kinda hatin’. Daddy gets all the love. It's cool though. - Lucy the Firefly on Sprout Channel’s “The Goodnight Show” (she literally squeals in delight when Lucy flies across the screen) - Dancing during the introduction song of “Super Why” on Sprout - Books with buttons that make sounds or sing Cadence dislikes... - When bath time is over - Sitting in her high chair (still!) - Watching other people eat (especially when she can't have any) - Clothes with lots of buttons or zips. Cady hates getting dressed (so not blogger-like) though she loves gazing at herself in the mirror for the finished product. My baby is almost 9 months and I'm SO enjoying this crazy roller coaster ride called motherhood. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @BabyBrownSugarBlog for exclusive pics of all our mommy & me shenanigans!