BBS Chic: The Most Fashionable Diaper Bag of 2017

by Christina Brown

So a few months back, I attended the New York Baby Expo and I got the opportunity to meet and interact with brand reps for hundreds of baby brands. Though I've attended this expo in the past, this one seemed to be overwhelmingly massive with brands and products around every corner and expectant parents overflowing. One of the first tables to catch my eye was Mina Kay Bags. First of all, the founder herself is adorable. She was sporting a baby bump at the time and I'm eternally inspired by mompreneurs, so she had me at hello. Second, I was OBSESSED with the overall design of the diaper bag. I am all about a chic leather backpack, so the fact that this one is vegan leather (but looks SO real), comes with a diaper insert, and features a washable interior made this all-too-amazing of a find. Could there actually be a fashionable diaper bag that is both stylish and conveniently kid-friendly?Apparently so. This diaper bag fits in so well with my current wardrobe. That's why I love it. A random stranger came up to me the other day and asked me where he could get one. A dude. Who was quite dapper, might I add, so he knew a thing or two about style. That's when I knew this was a WIN! If you're like me and not at all comfortable sacrificing your sense of style when you make the transition to mommyhood, the Mina Kay Handbag collection is probably for you. These backpacks retail at about $139.00 and they are great for travel. I've already taken a few overnight trips with mine, and it's perfect. You can remove the diaper insert if you just want to use it as a great, spacious backpack for on-the-go.

What about you guys? Know any stylish diaper bag brands you can share?

Photography by Mama Photog