Where are you based and what are your favorite things to do in the area with your family? 
I’m based in Westchester (about 20 miles north of NYC). I’d consider it a suburb of the city so we really do a lot of commuting back to the city to play tourist (and grab our favorite eats) in Manhattan. We do love living close to the water (beaches and the harbor) so there’s great scenery during our family walks, park outings, beach days, and bike riding. For retail fixes, we tend to drive to Connecticut (about 15-20 minutes north of us), where parking is free and malls are not as crowded.

How many little ones do you have and how old are they? What do you like most about this stage in their lives? 
I have 3 children: a 15-year old bonus daughter, a 7-year old son with special needs, and an 18-month old busy toddler. I love viewing the world through their eyes at each stage. The toddler keeps me young (and makes me feel my age at the same time). He’s really exploring the world around him in such a fascinating way. They call him “the mayor” at school because he’s incredibly personable and really is interested in making sure everyone around him is feeling good and/or having a good time. The 7-year old is really starting to show good progress (he has speech delays) so that’s encouraging and the toddler is his new sidekick, mimicking a lot of his big brother’s moves and daily activities. The 15-year old is becoming my female connection in a house that would otherwise be filled with testosterone so I’m enjoying watching her develop into a beautiful young lady.


What does your kids' bedtime routine (or non-routine) look like in your household? Do you have any rituals that you swear by?
We try to get the boys (1.5 and 7) down by 8 and 8:30. This allows my husband and I freedom to catch up on work, watch one of our favorite shows, or even hit the sack early. We do baths, book(s), affirmations (“I am brave. I am strong. I can do amazing things.”) and end with our prayers. Weekends are fluid - we go with the flow, but usually, the kids are still in bed no later than 9-9:30 PM. Momma needs her rest! Ha.

Tell us about your current role, project(s), or business(es) and what is your inspiration?
Currently, I run a beauty brand (EDEN BodyWorks), plus I still serve clients via my BrownGirlMarketing platform (dedicated to building brands that cater to women of color). I’m constantly inspired by my network of women who are continuing to show us how to have multiple streams of income and live our best lives doing the things we love, in/for the communities that look like us! It’s nice to see so many young, dynamic Black women leading the charge (in corporate spaces as well as entrepreneurs). I’m glad my daughter is exposed to this reality. I feel like that’s one of the blessings of social media - seeing women achieve greatness at all ages.

As a boss mom, what do you want to instill in your little ones? 
That life is a journey - with endless possibilities. You can always charter a new path. Be open to learning and exploring. {I encourage travel because it’s one of the ways to expand their thinking.}

What is an inspirational quote or mantra that you live by? 
This is a tough question to answer with just one. There are several scriptures in the Bible, depending on what I’m facing, they remind me that God has plans for me. If you’ve worked with me you know I’m a proponent of learning and the mantra you’ll hear me share is “be teachable”. Personally… make every day count. 

How has motherhood changed the way you move in the world?
I feel like I’m watching myself go through motherhood almost in amazement - how it has slowed down my pace, how it impacts my decisions, how it challenges me to unlearn some things, and how it forces me to level up… all of these at the same d*mn time.

What has surprised you the most about your motherhood journey? 
There is a constant need to reassess the role of motherhood as I go through the journey. The unconditional love is no longer a surprise as I feel incredibly blessed to be their mother. I’m in awe of the daily energy I put into doing it in harmony - making sure I’m pouring back into all of the hats I wear when needed (wife, mom, and me).

Any advice you would give to new moms?
It’s the toughest “hood” there is - and yet, the most rewarding role ever. There’s no playbook, no rules, just lots of learning and love. Some days you’ll cry, but most days you’ll smile (or laugh) so much in disbelief that you’ve created these tiny creatures who adore you just as you are!

How do you allow others to support you as a mother and creator? 
I need help and I am not afraid to ask for it. I will admit I need to seek it out more than I do currently so when my circle reaches out for lunches, dinners, girl talk, etc., I try to accommodate that for my own sanity (a little time away to just be me). I lean more on family and friends for babysitting duty and I have an incredible work team (staff) who understands and has my back like none other. I’m very blessed to be around women (mothers or not) who never let me feel alone in this journey.

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