BBS Moms Know Best: Kelly Rowland

by Keyaira Boone

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She may be a Grammy award winning singer with seriously enviable skin, but at the core Kelly Rowland is just a girl losing sleep over a boy; a six month old boy that is. The songstress, performer and new mom recently shared a few tips with us on parenting, pouring back into yourself, and what it’s like to see the world through her baby boy’s eyes.

Read on for our exclusive BBS Moms Know Best interview with Kelly Rowland:

What's the best parenting advice you've received so far?

The best parenting advice I've received so far, and I should have followed it, was probably "When the baby’s sleeping, you should be sleeping." I could never follow that one but it was SO important. I didn't realize that until after.

What are some tips you would give to a mom with a career as demanding as yours about balancing work and family? First, to take time out for herself. We so busy pouring into others in everything that we do, and that’s important, but we have to give back to ourselves! Whether it’s for five minutes a day, or just going really quickly to get your hair or nails done, pouring back into yourself is really important. Second, focus on time management! You have to really try to solidify time for yourself, time for your husband, time for your baby, and of course time for work. That’s extremely important. How do you find time to take care of yourself? What are your favorite "me" time activities? I like going to a nice restaurant to eat - sushi or Mexican food. I make the time to take care of myself. I just do it, to be honest.

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What is your favorite activity to do with your son Titan? I love taking walks with him! It’s so peaceful. Showing him different things and introducing him to different colors, I mean it’s so awesome. He looks at everything for the first time so it’s like seeing the world for the first time through his eyes. It’s pretty awesome. You've spoken publicly about feeling sexier as a mother. What about motherhood fills you with confidence? That my body was able to make a child and that I was able to have the strength to push it out! I thought that was pretty amazing. I thought I was pretty tough after that happened. I thought I could handle and do ANYTHING. Being pregnant is such an amazing time in a woman's life. What was the best part of the experience for you? My favorite part was all the attention I got from my family and friends. Everybody just wanted to make sure I was always comfortable. I could eat whatever I wanted to eat (kind of). I was still very conscious of what I was eating but that part was awesome. I had the best pregnancy ever!


Outside of working out with your trainer, what changes did you make to bounce back quickly post-baby? Well, to be honest, I’m still bouncing back. I still have my curves from my baby which I’m actually thanking him for. But basically just eating clean and exercising. Jeanette is not playing when it comes to these workouts. She’s been kicking my butt. And I’m going to SoulCycle classes. That lifts my spirit. That’s what pours back into me too. Angela Davis has some of the most anointing, beautiful things to say to us in the morning. It’s like diamonds just dropped on top of you and just relaxing you during the day, it’s awesome. Is that a good place to connect with other moms? It has been. It’s been a good place to connect with other moms and just with other female energy. Titan has a head full of beautiful hair. How do you care for it? Thank you! He does have a lot of hair. Right now we put coconut oil and olive oil on it. Just a dime size amount. Because his hair is so thick, I do it for him in the morning and again at night. And we wash it once a week. That’s been a task, just understanding his hair schedule. Right now I twist it up, it looks so cute! What are your tips for traveling with an infant? Have a baby carrier! My favorites personally have been Baby Bjorn and ERGObaby. My carriers have been a blessing. I didn't know how hard it would be. You have a stroller, you have to have a car seat, it’s just a lot of stuff. So in order to make myself more sane I check the stroller, I check the car seat, I carry my son right on me. We have a backpack and we’re good to go.

Don't you just love Kelly as a new mom? Such great advice!

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Check out this video of Kelly spending some quality time with her little "Superman" below: