BBS Moms Know Best: Latham Thomas

by Christina Brown

bbs-moms-latham-thomas When I first stumbled on Latham Thomas' @GlowMaven Instagram page, I was both excited and bewildered. Scrolling through her beautiful images - the perfect mix of glowing selfies, delectable meals, yoga poses, and snapshots of her uber fabulous life as a mom, I immediately thought "How in the world does she do it all?" Latham is not only a mother of an adorable and super-talented 11-year-old son (the renowned DJ Fulano - hello?) but she is also the author of Mama Glow: A Hip Guide To Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy, the founder of, a doula and a maternity lifestyle expert. Talk about super mom status! MBIB_Homapage Above all that, Latham is a genuinely sweet spirit and I had the pleasure of interviewing her through her latest partnership with P&G's My Black Is Beautiful and Pampers. Pampers is committed to showing support for mothers by providing access to information and motivation we need most. They've partnered with My Black is Beautiful to share Latham's amazing advice to the masses. As someone who has loved the MBIB mission for years now and who also uses Pampers diapers exclusively on Cadence, I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity to chat with her. Those are two brands I really believe in. So without further delay, check out the advice Latham Thomas had to share: LathamThomas BabyBrownSugar: Describe the term "mama glow". Latham Thomas: Mama Glow is this abundant, radiant energy that comes from within. It's about birthing yourself into this really powerful woman as you prepare to give birth to your baby. It's really celebrating pregnancy and the birth process as opposed to being fearful of it. Our bodies are more than capable to do this and other amazing things. This passage in life is a greater way to reclaim your power. So many moms have launched careers and businesses just based on being inspired as mothers. So "mama glow" is about claiming that and not apologizing for it. black-white What are some quick & easy tips for working mothers that want to take care of themselves? It all stems from having a support system in place. You have to have people that really have your back, who can provide child care but also people who can provide accountability. Be mindful of how you can integrate your friends and family into your support circle. We have to learn that it's okay to ask for help. Remember those people who said "Hey whenever you need something, let me know!" Ask if they can help - whether it's grocery shopping or babysitting, hold them to their word. When it comes to exercising, you should also make it simple! Don't worry about the fancy gear. You can create a special space in your home with yoga mats, weights or a birth ball and do some workouts at home. There are tons of videos and online resources for at-home workouts now. We equate going out someplace to exercise but you can do it at home while baby is napping. We end up saying "I don't have time", but there are 24 hours in a day and you can find time. There's no excuse. yogalathamthomas How can women regain their confidence post-baby and through motherhood? The main thing is to relish in the fact that you've just done something incredible. You should be treated like a queen! Many women don't feel like that. They feel burdened and overwhelmed and so it's really about changing a woman's mindset about the post-pregnancy process from "Woe is me" to "Wow is me!". If you can give birth, you can do anything. Part of that too is doing the things that you love and that you did before the baby. Things that will make you feel good whether it's painting or salsa dancing. Don't set those things aside. Also, embrace the fact that your body will never be the same. Your boobs will never look like that again, your butt will never look like that again - both during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. You open up these mainstream magazines with the airbrushed models and the Heidi Klum's of the world who snap back literally weeks after having their babies and it's not realistic. People like Heidi Klum are PAID to have amazing bodies immediately post-baby. It's literally her job. So women shouldn't compare themselves to people like her and to this fantasy that it will happen overnight. The weight will come off because you're busy and moving around and if you're breastfeeding you burn over 600 calories every session. Just give yourself time! Latham-04 Your son DJ Fulano is super-talented and passionate. What did you do as a mom to foster that talent and to allow his curiosity to morph into real tangible success. I think it's less about what I'm doing and more about me just getting out of his way. I remember growing up and I learned very early on that people were applauded if they were doctors or lawyers. I think I wanted to be a scientist back then. When you're young, you think anything is possible until someone tells you it isn't! Back then there were also more barriers and growing into adulthood, there's so much more consciousness now about this entrepreneurship movement. With the expansion of the internet leveling the playing field so that everyone has a voice and everyone can make money, it's expanded the consciousness of the children growing up in this environment and allowed them access to things we didn't have. When Fulano was 4, he told me "I'm going to travel the world and make people happy with music". He's always been musical, so only because I was listening to that, I ended up taking him to his first beat-making DJ class. As parents, we have to be active listeners and allow them the creative freedom to tap into their interests and also give them a judgement-free zone to express that. Because of that, so many doors have opened for him. So I just hold his hand and make sure he doesn't stumble along his path. latham-thomas-yoga If you could give one piece of advice to your pregnant self, before your first child, what would it be? Listen to those whispers within you. Keep trusting and having faith along your path. At the time, I didn't know I was going to create Mama Glow. I felt something inside but there was so much resistance and so many naysayers. So I would've liked that advice and that push of encouragement. Everyone needs that. I hope you guys enjoyed this interview and will be able to use some of these tips! I can't wait to read your comments and feedback (leave us a comment below!) Loved this interview? 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