BBS Review: EDEN Kids Collection

by Christina Brown

eden-kids-collection-review Last week, one of my personal favorite hair brands EDEN BodyWorks launched a brand new collection specifically for the little ones called EDEN Kids. eden-kids-coco-shea-collection I've been an avid user of EDEN for years now (click here to see my review on LoveBrownSugar) so I was positive their kids line would not disappoint! Their fist Coco Shea collection is comprised of 3 products: Coco Shea Berry Detangling Shampoo, Coco Shea Berry Leave-In Detangler, and a Coco Shea Berry Curling Creme. eden-kids-detangling-shampoo What I love about EDEN BodyWorks and what drew me to the company to care for my own curls is their commitment to healthy and natural ingredients that are good for the body. This is an especially important aspect of picking out hair products for Cadence. I always want that what I put on her hair is comprised of safe & healthy ingredients. babybrownsugar-eden-kids All of EDEN's products have no petroleum, mineral oils or sodium sulfates. I need to know that the products are safe and effective before putting them near the little one. eden-bodyworks-kids-line I use a detangler on Cady's hair pretty much every morning to give it moisture, to keep her curls from drying out throughout the day and also when I'm taking out or putting in twists or braids. It makes the styling session way easier. The Coco Shea Berry Leave-In Detangler works really well for that (and smells yummy!) cadence-eden-kids The first ingredients in the Berry Curly Creme are Water and Coconut Oil so that's always a good sign. It also smells good enough to eat, like for real. Keeping these AWAY from the shelf so Cady doesn't get any ideas during snacktime lol Anyway, I highly recommend you give them a try! When you do, feel free to come back here and leave a comment on how they worked out for you or your little one. (Please believe I'm trying these bad boys on my hair too!

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Disclosure: These products were provided to us by EDEN BodyWorks for review consideration. Every opinion expressed here is my own and not those of the company.