BBS Reviews: Tide Pods Free and Gentle

by Christina Brown

bbs-laundry-pic I still remember bringing Cadence home for the first time and being clueless about how to properly care for this little human being. I now had to not only worry about making sure she was fed, burped and well-rested but I also had to make sure she was clothed! I'd only ever been responsible for dressing myself. Aside from making sure she was decked in the latest baby fashions, I also had to make sure she wore clothing that was comfortable and that I used products that were gentle on her newborn skin. Once my first few bottles of Dreft had run out, I took recommendations from Cadence's Dad to actually spring for a less expensive and equally effective alternative for baby's skin - the Tide Free + Gentle detergent line. tide-pods-free-gentle-1 Not only was Tide Free + Gentle cost effective, but it worked well on keeping Cadence's skin from any allergic reactions and it was so good on price, I would even use it to wash my own clothes!


Being able to wash all our family loads together was such a time-saver for me.

mommy-me-dresses I thought I was living the life - found a smart and budget-friendly way to do laundry for baby and I was happy. But you don't really know time-saving until you've tried Tide Pods. Tide Pods are truly revolutionary. It may be a minuscule amount of time but pouring and measuring detergent takes time! With Tide Pods you literally eliminate an entire laundry step. tide-pods-free-gentle-3 No spills, no measuring. Just pop the pod into the washing machine, add clothes and water and voila! cadence-in-seersucker For mompreneurs like myself who are short on time, Tide Pods Free and Gentle really is a genius idea. And what's even better is that they come in the Free + Gentle formulation as well - perfect for new moms like myself who still have to worry about baby's sensitive skin.

What about you? What time-saving laundry tips have you learned since becoming a mom?