BBS Style: 5 Maternity Style Stars To Follow on Instagram

by Christina Brown

maternity-style-on-instagram When I first found out I was pregnant back in early June, the first thing that came across my mind was "What am I gonna wear?!" I know this isn't normally the first thing that pops into one's mind, but I'm a fashionista - I can't help it. Thankfully, I happened to be following a few stylish girls on my timeline who were in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters and completely rocking maternity style with a vengeance. In the process, I discovered the glorious hashtags #maternitystyle and #pregnancystyle and therefore stumbled on a few other beautiful mommies-to-be. Here are five I think you should know: 1. Simone Oliver (@SimoneSOliver) of The New York Times simone-oliver-maternity-style

This expecting NY Times fashion editor is the epitome of pregnancy fab. She not only has been trotting in chic heels her entire pregnancy, but she's somehow managed to skirt through without purchasing one maternity piece. She really shows how to take high fashion and make it wearable during your pregnancy.

2. Delmy Rivera (@DelmyMayanin) of Fashion Bananas delmy-rivera-maternity-style

Delmy welcomed her new baby boy Gavin to the world this past August. But before that myself and her over 9K other followers watched her every move as she glided through pregnancy in chic & super-wearable outfits.

3. Jessica Pettway (@jfashiongirl87) jessica-pettway-maternity-style

I stumbled on Jessica P's page from a repost of fan favorite @Curlbox. She has a beautiful head of natural hair and style to kill. She's also a dead ringer for Solange, who happens to be one of my fave boho chic style icons. Jessica gave birth to an adorable girl named Kai Lee this past August. She's still sporting cutesy (and affordable) ensembles.

4. Mia Ray (@MiaRay) of Confessions of a Glamoholic mia-ray-maternity-style Fashion blogger and hair aficionado Mia Ray not only keeps me laughing daily, but she has the most adorable family. She first caught my eye when I saw her fearlessly rocking a body-con ASOS dress from their straight size line with a baby bump. Fierce! She gave birth to her little bundle of joy, named Santana, this past July. 5. Erin Elizabeth (@ErinLizPono) erin-liz-pono-maternity-style

One day while scanning Instagram on the hunt for #maternitystyle I came across Erin's page. She is SO chic! Erin is currently about to pop and she's still stunning in floor-length maxi dresses and high-low skirts. She's having a boy any day now!

Who are some stylish moms you follow on Instagram? Share with the class.