BBS Travel: Cadence's First Passport Stamp Jamaica

by Christina Brown

bbsinjamaica-6 When I first found out I was having a baby, I knew that I wanted to share so much of my life and my journey with my child. I didn't know who this little human being would turn out to be, what he or she would look like or even what I would call them. But I knew I wanted a career that would allow me to provide for my child and bring him or her along for the ride. mommy-and-me-beach To travel with me, to be involved and to see firsthand how much hard work it requires to make a living and do it meaningfully. Two weeks ago, I had the ability to turn those dreams into reality by taking baby Cadence with me on my first international business trip of 2015. mommy-baby-beach We went to the beautiful island of Jamaica (also my Dad's hometown!) on a press trip with beauty brand Strength of Nature. They are behind brands like African Pride, DreamKids and many more. bbsinjamaica-10 While there, Cadence had the chance to not only walk on the sand at the beach for the first time, but she also had the chance to meet her uncles and Great-Grandmother for the first time as well.

Check out all BabyBrownSugar got into on her first passport stamp:

Her First Time Walking On Sand baby-on-beach Cadence had so much fun sunbathing on the beach. I didn't have alot of time to shop before heading on our trip so I bought her a few little swimsuits, flip-flops, dresses and a nice floppy hat from Old Navy the day before we left. They really have an amazing lineup of kiddie clothes for spring/summer this season. bbsinjamaica-7 Cadence's first reaction to the sand was "disgust", in a word. Hah! She refused to put her little feet down. But eventually she was so taken with the waves, she took my hand and walked along the beach with me. It was SO cute! mommy-godmommy-baby

We also took lots of pics with her Godmommy Jessica who was on the press trip with us. She had a blast on the beach.


Here's a snapshot of some of Cady's beachside must-haves. Her pail and shovel, Aveeno Baby sunscreen, and sunnies from Children's Place.


Her First Time Eating Hibachi bbsinjamaica-11 At our hotel - the Royalton White Sands Resort in Montego Bay - we went for dinner at their japanese hibachi restaurant called Zen and Cadence saw her very first live hibachi cooking experience.

bbsinjamaica-15 She even had her very own chopsticks!

bbsinjamaica-9 The Royalton White Sands Resort really caters many services to families so all the restaurants are kid-friendly complete with highchairs and kiddie sized portions of all their meals at your request. bbsinjamaica-14 Her First Time in the Countryside cady-with-grandma I used to spend weeks when I was a child coming to Jamaica and staying at my Grandma's house in the countryside. My dad was born and raised there. It was so great getting exposure to that side of my family but as I got older, I just haven't been able to go back as often as I wanted to. So I was so excited to come back and to bring my little baby girl to meet her extended family in Jamaica. bbsinjamaica-2 Cadence had so much fun! I've never seen her so free and excited. It's like she knew she was on vacation. bbsinjamaica-12

She even managed to take a few steps on her own at her Great-Grandma's direction. So sweet.

bbsinjamaica-3 SO grateful for my mom (Cady's grandma) coming on this trip with us to help me with her. Now that Cadence is toddler status, she is a handful! jamaican-food While there, my uncle made us the most delicious fried fish and curry goat you've ever tasted. Fresh and so amazingly delicious. bbsinjamaica-5 I took Cadence out back to see the roosters and chickens running around on Grandma's farm. She has chickens, goats, and a myriad of fresh fruits and veggies she grows out back. bbsinjamaica-13 We had so much fun exploring the countryside and spending time with family. It was truly an unforgettable experience. bbsinjamaica-8

Have you traveled internationally with your child yet? If so, what was it like?