To Cadence, With Love On Your 4th Birthday

by Christina Brown

Wow. Baby girl, you are 4 years old and I want to cry in a corner because I don’t know WHERE the time went! It seems like it was just yesterday that I was making an announcement about your gender to all of my friends, family and followers. And already you are growing up taller than a weed, getting sassy with me every morning when I refuse to let you wear your tutu to school, and making me laugh with your 262737th rendition of Frozen’s “Let It Go”. I can't believe it's your 4th birthday!

Here’s what I want for you. Always remain as sassy and bold as you are. The world needs more sassy and bold girls like you. Unafraid to speak their minds and ask for what they want. If the world had more of you, it would be a better place - for all women.

Always maintain your confidence. It’s what I love most about you. When I tell you “Cadence, you look beautiful” and you say “Yes, I do” it reaffirms me that I’m doing something right. That I’ve given you permission to love yourself.

Throughout your life you’ll be surrounded by people who look and think very different than you. That’s the beauty of our big, beautiful world. It’s full of people that are so very different, but so very the same.

You’re one of those people and your only job in life is to find your purpose and walk in it.

Whatever that purpose is, once you discover it, I have your back. I’m working tirelessly right now to make sure I have your back financially, emotionally and physically. Mommy will not let you down.

I love you to the moon and back. I'm so proud of the girl you're becoming. You make me better.

And no matter how big and tall and wise you get, you will always be Mommy’s baby.

Photography by Crystal Stewart Photo