Why Can't I Stop Eating These Fries? McDonald's Answers Our Questions

by Christina Brown

mcdonalds_fries Like many of us, I grew up knowing what it meant when those golden arches came into view. There's just something about those fries. They have just the right amount of crunch and seasoning and they seem to melt in your mouth. My sisters used to joke and say they had addictive drugs. We all know that's not true, right? Well, maybe not. That's exactly what the McDonald's "Our Food. Your Questions" campaign is all about. Personally, I'm enjoying this campaign because baby Cadence is turning one pretty soon and I have to make important decisions about what types of fast food, if any, I'm going to consider giving her as she grows. I'm very invested in ingredients in all food I give her so I'll definitely be asking some questions of my own. Wanna know what's in Mickey D's fries? Or why they taste so good you can't seem to stop eating them once you get going? Ask them! See below for a video they did about the potatoes in Mickey D's products:

McDonald’s wants to hear from you! Tweet @McDonalds & @BabyBrownSugar_ on Twitter with any questions you have about what’s in their food. Nothing is off limits!

To learn more about what’s in Mickey D’s food, check out their YouTube playlist which is chock full of information from the “Our Food. Your Questions” campaign. This post is sponsored by McDonald's. Opinions expressed herein are my own and not those of the company.