Celebrating Father's Day with Warryn and Erica Campbell

by Keyaira Boone


P&G is highlighting one of the greatest foundations of the family by recognizing fathers with the #MyBlackMan campaign. This campaign is dedicated to highlighting the men who are keeping our community strong including Superbowl Champion Russell Wilson, actor Taye Diggs, and Producer Warryn Campbell. Every family has a foundation and for the Campbell family it’s a commitment to celebrating good food, self-respect, and fatherhood.We spoke to Warryn Campbell and his wife, Grammy Award winning gospel singer Erica Campbell, about grooming practices, family traditions, and continuing a long legacy of respect. Warryn what grooming product can you not live without? WC: Braun makes this waterflex shaver. It’s an electric shaver, it gets really close. I like the clean cut. Wet or dry it’s amazing. You can’t see but my wife is rubbing my face as we speak. EC: Hahaha I am! WC: I can’t live without that. What’s your favorite grooming ritual to partake in with your son? WC: You know my son is five but he’s really into cologne. Already? WC: Already- it’s my fault. So after I do his hair, I wash his hair with Head and Shoulders and I sponge his hair up and get it all curly then he’s like “dad I gotta have the cologne”. He slaps it on his face. He likes to watch me shave, all that so I put the little thing on his face too. You know it’s very very "tv-esque" but he likes to do it. I did the same thing with my father. Did you grow up using Head and Shoulders? WC: No, but my grandfather would have fourteen bottles of Heads and Shoulders. Once I got older I just wanted to do what my grandfather did.

erica and warryn grammys

What’s your favorite aspect of being a father? WC: Really watching my children grow into who they’re going to be, their personalities. I mean it sounds very narcissistic but to see any part of myself especially the good parts in them that is such a trip. You know it’s a phenomenon to see my son do things that I did and he’s only doing them because of his DNA. That is a trippy thing. I love to watch it. Some things I have to correct- because he does some things like me that I don’t want him to do. For example? WC: The way he eats. As a kid they called me the human garbage disposal. My son is five and he can wipe out our entire refrigerator man! And I was the same way as a kid. At seven years old they took me to a restaurant and I ate twenty-three pancakes. News cameras came to watch this little kid eat and they gave us the food for free. My son has the same thing. How important is setting an example for your children to you? WC: It’s probably the most important thing. I can tell my kids anything but they’re not gonna do what I say they’re gonna do what I do. They’re going to emulate that. I can tell them “clean your room” but if my room is dirty guess what they’re not gonna clean their room. It’s very important that they see me doing what I tell them to do. And that’s the way we get it done. Sometimes parents talk at their children and they don’t have the follow through of the action. That follow through is important. You gotta show them more than you tell them. What are you most looking forward to teaching your son about manhood as he grows up? WC: It’s a Campbell tradition passed down from my grandfather to my father to me- how we treat the special women in our lives starting with our mothers. I have a very special mother I’ve treated my mom with a lot of honors you know I’ve probably spent more money in Louis Vuitton for my mother than anything but you know the way I honor my mom I want my son to honor his mother the same way because that only transfers over to the how he treats his wife. EC: Absolutely! WC: And you know the bible doesn’t say it but it might as well “happy wife happy life”. EC: *laughs* yea that should be a scripture. WC: I have a very happy wife because of the way my wife is treated and the way that she reciprocates that to me and it’s only a reflection of how my father taught me and my grandfather taught me to treat my mother so I have to do the same thing for my son. It’s going be a blessing in his life if he learns the lessons of treating women with respect. The chivalry lessons that you learn to open the doors, be polite, if there’s no seat get up and give your woman a seat, give her your coat, to take care of her. They’re precious jewels not to be confused with weakness. That’s one of the most important things that I have learned. Erica how does having a partner in Warryn positively affect your experience as a mom? EC: It is wonderful to know that I’m not in it alone that I have support, that I have a covering, that I have a friend and a wonderful example in my house for my children- for our children. It’s a blessing. and I’m amazed sometimes when I pay attention to my family that I’m blessed with- I mean it may sound corny but I have great kids and a great husband we’re not perfect but I’m happy with my life. I love my life and Warryn being the father that he is and the man that he is in the home adds a great feel to that. LBS: That’s beautiful. What is your favorite beauty ritual to partake in with your daughters? EC: It has to be when I’m getting ready to go sing. My ten year old is quite opinionated about hair and makeup and shoes and what color does this and that’s too much and that’s not enough. Because I’m singing and performing for a living to have her apart of that to watch me when I rehearse, when I’m prepping for a concert, or a performance or even a red carpet it’s so much fun. Even my youngest daughter comes in sometimes and tries to pick up the makeup brush and put on some blush. WC: Just play! EC: Look at Warryn saying “just play, just play” *laughs* but I love them being a part of what I do, understanding mommy’s hard work. They are very much a part of my life it’s not like “ya’ll go in the room and sit down” they can watch me when I’m in fittings and share their little opinions. It’s fun for them to fully be a part of my life. LBS: What’s your favorite part of Warryn’s appearance? EC: He’s very meticulous. Everything from his hair to how long he takes to brush his teeth. Jesus and they are beautiful, white teeth – thank you Crest! I think that’s what allows him to go into the world with such confidence whether it’s social, business, church or family when he steps out he looks like somebody of value, somebody with high self esteem. When he’s finished and he goes to look in the mirror I usually follow him as he looks at himself, and I look at him and we both agree that he looks good! LBS: You mentioned self-esteem how important is it you to teach your daughters to embrace their own brand of beauty? EC: Oh it is crucial and it started very early on. I believe if you know you’re loved at home and you know your identity from a young age the world can’t tell you because they’re going to change their mind at every turn and every corner. So if you know who you are you have a different kind of confidence. Especially being a family of faith we teach them about God and God’s love for them and his design and how they are perfect just the way they are. They’re fully made in the image of God and they don’t come second rate to anybody. I know they’ll still have their own ups and downs because every girl does but we’re making sure we arm them with all the love and confidence that we could possibly pour into them so that they’re prepared for the world. Can you tell us anything about how you'll be spending Father's day? EC: A few years ago we had a father’s day luncheon in the backyard, that was actually my last father’s day with my father, my husband, my father-in-law, my brother who’s a father, and my cousin who's a father. We treated them like kings, we served them, we spoke well of them. The children all stood up and told him what he means to them. It was really a special day. I usually ask Warryn what he wants to do. That will change but one thing is constant. He always wants it to be about family and being together laughing and celebrating life, celebrating his father and his grandfather. We don’t just get him a card and some cologne. We really make sure that they feel loved and not just Father’s day. Everyday should include some appreciation for the man in your life.

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-Keyaira N. Boone

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