Essence Cover Features Mother Daughter Slay

by Keyaira Boone

img_4536This January’s cover of Essence magazine features two fierce, confident, gorgeous women who just happen to be mother and daughter. Legendary singer and actress Vanessa Williams shares the spotlight with her incredibly talented daughter Lion Babe’s Jillian Hervey. The two discussed entertainment business, the importance of family, and self love with the legendary media brand. Check out what they had to say below!img_4538Hervey shared how accepting standing out gave her the courage to step out on faith saying that “Once I claimed my natural hair, I was like, ‘Okay, now I feel much more open to try singing and other ways of performing…” The performer had trouble with being defined by her signature look once her innovative partnership with Lucas Goodman became apart of the Interscope Records family. The label was so taken with her mane that “They were like, ‘You need the hair, you need the hair, you need the hair!...: They insisted she wear the style to all promotional appearances even radio interviews. For a while she felt uncomfortable speaking up as she wanted to please everyone “my hair was supposed to represent this freedom, and then it almost became a trap. You can’t even see my face sometimes because the wig is so big.” Recently she has “found the freedom to transform” and is rocking a variety of looks. This transformation can be seen in new ads where she embraces her curls in every form they take. img_4537 Williams is embracing yet another bold character on the upcoming show “Daytime Divas” saying that “She’s no joke. She’s smart, she’s connected, she’s witty. She’s dynamic. She gets things done.” Williams has been getting things done for thirty years. She cites preparation and commitment as the key to her acting success “When they yell, ‘Cameras ready!’ I am the first one there. The director and producer notice. I take whatever I’m doing seriously…” Clearly she has taken motherhood seriously as well because as Chaka Khan recently tweeted after Hervey slayed the VH1 Divas stage “the apple fell directly beneath the tree”. Check out the full cover story and alternate covers at!