Inside Our Gender Reveal Baby Sprinkle Celebration

by Christina Brown

This weekend our close family and friends got together to celebrate with us for our official gender reveal of baby number two. With Cadence, I was insistent on knowing the sex of our baby as soon as I could! I couldn't wait. This time around, I was more focused on having a healthy baby. So we decided to keep it a surprise until my third trimester and do a fun gender reveal party and baby sprinkle (smaller than a shower!). I'm really happy we decided to it that way. It was SO much fun revealing to everyone and finding out among friends and family what we were having. While doing my research, I saw so many fun gender reveal celebration ideas online. It was a bit overwhelming trying to determine how exactly to do it. Eventually we decided to do it with icing layers of a cake. Our cake was designed and baked by Candi's Sweet Memories in Bowie, Maryland. This is one of my family's favorite cake vendors so we always go with her. My sister and my cousin pulled together really cute "boy or girl" themed decor with turquoise and gold accents. As guests arrived, our "hostess" Cadence gave them Team Boy or Team Girl stickers so they put in their guesses for baby's gender. I don't know if it's because my dress was blue or what, but there was on overwhelming number of votes for Team Boy. We held the celebration outdoors and called it a "BabyCue" (found that online too!) serving BBQ food and finger foods. My favorite part of the celebration was finally getting to cut the cake and reveal to our friends and family that we're having a boy! The icing inside the cake was blue! I am so excited to welcome our baby boy to the world in a few short months. Cadence is really stoked to be a big sister and I can't wait to see how she interacts with her baby brother. I'll do a follow-up post and share details about my outfit and a few other great places online to buy maternity dresses for cocktail and formal occasions.