BBS Style: How To Hide A Baby Bump

by Christina Brown

how-to-hide-baby-bump So it's your first or second trimester and you've definitively decided that you don't want people to know you're pregnant until you're ready. Perhaps you're working on a big reveal or maybe your job security depends on you keeping it under wraps? Don't fret. Even the style novice can finesse their way through at least the 4th month of pregnancy without anyone noticing, with a slight shift in wardrobe. Below are the top fashion items you'll need in your closet to pull it off: 1. Peplum Tops peplum-top This was my saving grace towards the end of the first trimester when my belly bump started to poke out a bit. Peplum tops are designed to flare out right above your waist, exactly where the baby bump would begin. They give a little extra volume to that area so that nobody will notice if there's actually something growing under there. Check out my outfit post HERE for more pics of me rocking this peplum look. 2. A-Line Dresses & Skirts a-line-dress The beauty of the A-line dress is that they are everywhere. For hiding a baby bump, you want a silhouette that is loose around the waist. The top can be fitted, but the bottom should flare out with ease. Try something with a chic pattern - that will surely distract the eye from your midsection. Check out my outfit post HERE for more pics of this dress. 3. Little Black Dresses little-black-dress-pregnancy Black is a staple color, the perfect neutral and a closet must-have whether you're pregnant or not. It is instantly slimming, it looks good on everyone, and it's the perfect color for hiding body imperfections as well as baby bumps! My first maternity outfit post HERE features me rocking a little black dress. You can do this with a pant suit, a dress, anything of your choosing as long as it isn't tight or clingy. 4. Empire Waist Dresses peplum-dress My first few public appearances as a blogger, after finding out I was pregnant, were around the time that I began to show. I was headed to the BET Awards and had to decide on a dress at the last minute. The only thing I felt comfortable in at those times were empire-waist dresses. They bring all the attention upward (toward the boobies) and away from the belly. Check out that post HERE.

Chime in - share your tips for hiding the baby bump below!