Link Love: MommyNoire's 15 Things Every Mom Should Know

by Christina Brown

group-of-women-laughing I stumbled on this article on Mommy Noire last October and have been referring back to it every now and then as a quick reminder and pick-me-up. As a new mom, you automatically assume you have to do everything "perfect" or the world will come to an end. Here are some important things to keep in mind so you don't drive yourself crazy: 1) Dad’s got this. I know it’s hard when the kids are eating junk and their clothes don’t match (sorry, dads), but that stuff won’t kill your kids. Just let dad do his thing and relax. You have to trust him to do things his way. 2) Your kids want to workout with you. Believe it or not, your kids would love to do yoga, take a walk, or play Wii boxing with you. Get in shape and bond with them while doing it. 3) Family dinners make a difference. People bond over food. Eat with your family as often as possible and you will notice a difference in how connected everyone is. 4) Trying to cook after work is never a good idea. Sure, we want our kids to eat healthy meals, but cooking every night is hard, whether you work outside of the home or not. Try to prep a few meals on Sundays, freeze as much as you can, and remember that a grilled cheese sandwich with some warm tomato soup (could be homemade and frozen) is definitely a meal. 5) Laugh at yourself as much as you can. Don’t take yourself too seriously. You will mess up. Just laugh as much as you can about it. It also teaches your kids to accept their mistakes with grace, which leads to a less stressful life.

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