BBS Chic: The 'Little Me' Collection

by Christina Brown

little-me-collection I was first introduced to Little Me when I attended the Biggest Baby Shower event in NYC last fall. They had a booth setup with all their latest offerings and I thought their outfits were so cute and well put-together. Little_Me_Heirloom_Rose_Dress_and_Legging_Set__11401.1407250450.1280.1280 Fast forward 6 months and Cadence was gifted the Heirloom Rose Dress & Legging Set by a family friend. I thought it was just the most adorable little set with the floral mini dress and velour leggings. At the time she was only about a month old and couldn't yet fit into it so it just hung in her little closet waiting to be adorned. little-me-lace-dress-1 In the mean time between her birth and when she could fit into her Heirloom outfit, Little Me was sweet enough to send Cadence a pretty summer dress that she wore this past season. little-me-lace-dress-2

It's white lace with a mint blue underlay and a matching headband. It made her look like a little princess!

Their clothes are very well made and don't shrink after several washes, which is a plus for new moms. As often as babies spit up and make messes, you need clothes that can last wash after wash. little-me-heirloom-set-1

Now Cady is finally big enough to wear her Heirloom Rose Dress & Leggings set! And it looks adorable on her.


I'm sure 'Little Me' sets will be part of her regular wardrobe rotation. I rely heavily on sets for Cadence's closet because it takes the guesswork out of what she'll wear, it's easy and always adorable. little-me-baby-girl I also always look for outfits in soft and breathable materials so that I know she's comfortable all day long. If she's doing a fancier outfit that isn't as comfortable, I won't keep her in it longer than a few hours. These sets you can leave them in all day. little-me-heirloom-set-3 Here's a look at some of Little Me's latest offerings for baby girls and boys:

Click HERE to shop 'Little Me' collections!

Also take a look at this adorable Behind The Scenes video from their Fall 2014 campaign shoot: