BBS Review: Lizzy's Garden Baby Food

by Christina Brown

lizzys-garden-baby-food As an entrepreneur, I think it's so important to support independent small businesses who make great products. So when Jennifer Miles of organic baby food brand Lizzy's Garden reached out to me about reviewing their baby food, I was all ears. Before reviewing the products, I asked her a few questions to get some background on the story behind Lizzy's Garden™ and all about their brand or organic baby food. Here's what she told me: When did the company start? February of 2014 was the birth of Lizzy's Garden™ Why did you start making food? Following the birth of our youngest daughter (Elizabeth), the search for a healthy dietary option led me to making her food myself. What started as a creative, fun activity in my kitchen transformed into the making of Lizzy's Garden™. Do you source the ingredients locally? Grow them yourself? We source our ingredients locally and nationally. All of our ingredients are purchased from the most reputable vendors, whose supplier complies with the Fair Trade Laws and only accepts certified organic produce and ingredients. How is Lizzy's Garden different from other baby food brands? Our organic baby food is FROZEN and does not have any preservatives, fillers or additives that parents would have to worry about. Our baby food is packaged in an eco-friendly tempered glass jar, which is BPA-FREE, so no worries on possible chemical leakage into the baby food. Who is the ideal Lizzy's Garden customer? Any parent with little ones between the ages of 4-24 months that are interested in feeding them 100% organic baby food. We understand that sometimes making the baby food yourself can be time consuming when you're juggling so much, so we would like to be your kitchen away from home. What are your plans for the company? The plans for Lizzy's Garden, would be to expand and grow domestically as well as internationally and eventually be in every major retailer. 5 years from now, we would like to be well-known and considered a top resource for organic baby food. lizzys-garden After chatting with her about the brand, I was excited to give the baby food a try. At the time, Cadence was 8 months and so I was still giving her Stage 2 foods. As requested, they sent over a combination of flavors like their Sweet Pea Dinner, Butternut Squash Dinner, Homemade Apple & Pear Sauce and Lentil Dinner. Here's what I loved about Lizzy's Garden: 1. It's food I would make myself. What I loved about the Lizzy's Garden™ collection of baby foods is that many of her recipes are the same ones I started making myself when Cadence was old enough to eat solids. I started with the first food, then began mixing up some recipes including fruits & veggies that I myself like. MAny of those same recipes are the ones she sent me so it felt like I was giving my baby my own food straight from the kitchen but without the hours of cutting, peeling, boiling and pureeing. As a working mom, having a shortcut like this was golden. lizzys-garden-lentil 2. Cadence loved the taste. In general, Cadence loves to eat - period. She has always been a really great eater. But I can always tell when she LOVES something because she is so enthusiastic about getting more of it. And she smiles while she's eating it. Cadence really liked the Lizzy's Garden Lentil Dinner. I myself had never made lentils for Cadence but she apparently loves them and now I have to make some for her after having it. I love that there are light seasoning in there like Garlic and Cinnamon to help develop baby's palette without being overpowering. lentil-baby-food 3. It's 100% organic. Though the price tag on Lizzy's Garden baby food is slightly higher than the typical grocery store organic baby foods, it's well worth it because it is 100% organic with no preservatives or fillers or any other stuff. It's just food - that's it. I love that when I look at the front of the jar, what I see there is what's inside my baby's food.

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I was gifted samples of Lizzy's Garden™ baby food free of charge for the purpose of this review.