BBS Chic: How To Maintain Baby's Curly Hair

by Christina Brown

maintain-baby-curly-hair A few months back, Cadence and I had the opportunity to film with the lovely folks at I was called in to interview with Beauty Editor Deena Campbell about how I maintain Cadence's hair! It's actually something I get asked ALL the time whether I'm out in public with her or after posting her pics on social media. So I'm really happy I had the opportunity to chat with about the process and record this video as well. Check it out below:

3 Tips To Maintain Baby's Curly Hair

1. Use Products With Natural Ingredients BabyBrownSugar-Birth-4 From the very beginning I was very mindful of the ingredients that went into and onto Cadence's little body. From the food she eats to the products I put on her body, I'm very mindful of exposing her to healthy, natural ingredients. In the beginning, I used purely water, shea butter and coconut oil on her hair. shea-moisture-baby-hair The first set of products I felt comfortable putting on Cadence's hair were part of the Shea Moisture Baby line. I wrote a review of their products here. I would use a bit of their Shea Moisture Ultra Sensitive Baby Wash & Shampoo to cleanse Cady's hair during bath time and follow it up with a dab of coconut oil on her curls before bed. 2. Moisturize Hair Daily baby-girl-curly-hair When Cadence was a smaller baby, her hair actually maintained moisture alot easier. Now that she's older, I have to add a little extra to it in order to prevent her curls from becoming dry. Even if I don't "shampoo" her hair during bath time, I always add water to it and I seal in the moisture with a butter or an oil before putting her to bed. I really like this Belle Butters Whipped Shea Butter for sealing in moisture after I rinse her hair. It's great for twists as well. 3. Minimize Hair Manipulation little-me-lace-dress-2 When Cadence was first born, I really didn't do anything to her hair. I'd put a pretty bow on her head and that was it. As I mentioned in the video, less is more when it comes to small babies. You don't want to do anything that will put too much tension on baby's tender head. cadence-curls Now that she's older and her hair is much longer and thicker, I've been experimenting a bit with styling. I braid her hair once a week after our detangling session. Sometimes, I'll give her two-strand twist/bantu knots. I have been experimenting also with new product lines like the Curly Kids Haircare line. Though it isn't 100% natural, their ingredients are safe and they have been doing wonders for keeping Cady's hair tangle-free and manageable. curly-haired-baby

Any other questions on how to maintain baby's curly hair? Leave me a comment below! (Moms out there with suggestions of your own - I want to hear from you too!)