On the Market: The Honest Company

by Keyaira Boone

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Concerns about the ingredients allowed in the products that enter our homes have made their way from consumer reports to store shelves now that actress Jessica Alba and her partners have turned a first time mother’s fears into a formidable fortune. Now valued at a billion dollars by Forbes magazine their venture the Honest Company provides personal care items and cleaning supplies that they deem both effective and ethical. Lack of transparency regarding the ingredients permitted in the products we use on a daily basis is a major issue. And while the safety of personal items and beauty products are often discussed cleaning products are generally paid less attention to. The counters we wipe down, the floors we clean, and the tables we sit at all come into contact with the little ones in our lives so they need to be treated with care. The Honest Company offers laundry detergent, dishwasher gel, hand soap, and multi-surface cleaner and more without harsh chemicals and synthetic perfumes.

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The company's selection of personal items includes lotions, shampoos and conditioners, body oils, and sunscreens. I am always on the lookout for a sunscreen that isn't packed with senseless chemicals to toss in my weekender bag so I will definitely be giving this a try this season at the Jersey shore.

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The company offers a nipple balm for breast feeding moms. This product includes olive oil and aloe to soothe the skin and since the ingredients are all up to the standards held for food so there is no need to stress about wiping the balm off prior to nursing, Nipple balm also doubles as a great lip balm. Read about a writer’s at Marie Claire experience with it here.

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There's also a belly balm for moms to be.

The effectiveness of natural deodorants that are free of antiperspirants and harsh elements like aluminum has been debated over the years and now the Honest Company is providing hypoallergenic options in a variety of scents including lavender vanilla. These can also be used as an all over body spray. Recently LoveBrownSugar contributor Fatima has added an aluminum free deodorant to her natural beauty routine see her video about it here.

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What do you think about the Honest Company's offerings? What are your favorite family-friendly products?

-Keyaira N. Boone