5 Maternity Style Essentials On A Budget


lbs-refinery-shoot Just because you’re pregnant and your waistline is growing doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style! Here are 5 maternity style essentials you need and a few of our favorites on a budget. 1. Dresses, Dresses, Dresses. Sweater, maxi or shift, take your pick. Dresses are a great way to highlight your bump, and usually have a little give around the stomach area depending on the cut. This asymmetrical dress below from ASOS comes just in time for spring.


ASOS Maternity, $63.00

2. Waist Extenders like this Belly Band can allow you to continue wearing your pre-pregnancy jeans or pants while your waist expands.

3. The Skinny Belt. We all have a skinny belt or two somewhere in our closet. They work overtime as a cute fashion accessory while accentuating your growing bump. Target belts 2 4. Tunics. Long shirts like these pictured with leggings. Opt for a neutral, solid color so you can mix and match with what you already have.

maternity-tunicASOS Maternity, $197

5. Flats. Now that you have a little more weight to carry around, you might need to scale back on the stilettos. Flats are a great alternative and there are so many cute options these days, you won't even miss your heels! (well, maybe just a little)

splendid-shoeShopbob, $78.00

Most important - don't forget to have some fun while styling your growing bump. After all, this is a celebration! Shop The Items:

What’s your maternity style? Which pieces do you gravitate towards?