A Mommy's New Year Resolutions: Taking Care of Myself

by Christina Brown

baby-holding-happy-new-year It's officially 2015 and while we're all hard at work putting together our long lists of New Year resolutions, I have to take time to appreciate 2014 as my first year in motherhood. Giving birth to my baby girl on February 4th was one of the best days of my entire life. It was the manifestation of all the pain, discomfort and anxiety I had experienced for 9 months. And it was my first time officially dedicating my life's work and resolve to someone else beside myself. cadence-happy-new-year Now entering her second year of life and my second year as a mother, my only real New Year's resolution is to be a better parent, which inherently leads to being a better me. I know there are a few different types of parenting styles, but I can't stand to hear about moms who are overworked, frustrated and just at wit's end because they are not taking care of themselves. Proper rest, eating regularly (and wholesomely), and consistent rejuvenation is so important to being a better parent. Here's how I plan on doing it: 1. Live A Healthier Lifestyle. Once Cadence started eating solids, I was faced with the task of coming up with her daily menu on my own. I wasn't too keen on feeding her strictly baby food from off the shelf and so I proceeded to making her meals from scratch using wholesome, organic ingredients in addition to occasional organic baby food pouches. Check out my How To Make Baby Food post for more on that.

Only problem with my wonderful meal plan for Cadence? I don't eat as well as she does.

baby-bullet-recipe I don't eat strictly organic foods and I also don't eat as many fruits and vegetables as I feed her daily. Now that Cadence is much older and actually able to eat chopped up and pureed versions of my own meals, I think it's high time for me to be more conscious of what I consume. Not just to make the process easier during feeding time, but also because she's watching my every move. And I want to make the right moves when it comes to health, so that she doesn't face some of the challenges I did. 2. Sleep. And More Sleep. 21-c-museum-hotel This seems like a no-brainer, but it's really something I have to try hard to do. Just two weeks after Cadence was born, P&G sent me on a Sleep Conference to highlight the importance of proper rest and some of their product offerings that help us to get it. We heard from brands like Febreze, Tide, Vick's Nyquil, and more about the importance of sleep (read the recap here). That conference was a real eye-opener for me. Statistics and insights suggest that MOST people (moms especially) are not getting their optimal rest. Your body physically needs time at rest to rejuvenate, replace things you lose throughout the day and just to perform at it's optimum. That also applies to your parenting prowess and your levels of energy. I'm vowing to stop neglecting sleep. Whatever it is will get done in the morning. 3. Have More Fun. babybrownsugar-apple-picking We rang in New Year's Eve with my parents and the first thing my Mother said on New Year's was "This year I'm going to have more fun!" My mother is in her 50's, a proud mom of four and she has worked tirelessly her entire life to provide for us, nurture us and make us into wholesome, well-rounded, educated and accomplished individuals. And now, with 4 grown kids and almost 5 grandchildren (my older sister is pregnant!) she is realizing the importance of adding "fun" into your regular routine. What is life without great experiences? In 10 years, you're not going to remember that load of laundry you forgot to fold, or that glass vase your toddler broke or any of these "things" you're currently stressing over. You will remember the special occasions, the laughs, the stories and the experiences that make you happy on the inside. So I'm going to take a page from Mama Brown and stop stressing so I can have more fun in 2015. You should too! baby-brown-sugar-nye

What are some of your resolutions? How do you plan to grow in 2015?