New Mommy Must-Have: UPPAbaby CRUZ Stroller

by Christina Brown

Now, as a mommy of two, I buy products that make life easier for me and allow me to maintain my status as a fly momma. So for this go-round with baby Colton, I wanted to get a stroller that was a mix of style and convenience. Take it from someone who has tried her fair share of strollers, that is not easy to find. Most strollers that are convenient and easy to travel with are not stylish. Then there are super cute strollers that are just not convenient at all - too many parts, too hard to travel with or too fancy to keep up with the wear and tear of a mompreneur like myself. When I opened up this UPPAbaby CRUZ, it was like love at first sight. Not only is it super stylish with standout design elements like the leather handles and denim fabric (this style is called the GREGORY), it's also a FUNCTIONAL and useful stroller. It's like they thought of everything. So here's why I truly love it: 1. It Doesn't Just Ride, It Glides What I loved about the UPPAbaby CRUZ is how well it rides. There's nothing worse than a stroller that's hard to push or difficult to handle around curves and corners. The Uppababy Cruz has two large and sturdy back wheels that give it a smooth ride even on crowded city streets, narrow hallways and rough terrain. Also, maneuvering from left to right was very easy as the wheels rotate. 2. Everything is Adjustable This one is a keeper because it will easily grow and transition with your child. I love that you can adjust the seat to be forward or backward-facing. If baby wants to gaze at mommy, you have the option of putting the seat so that it faces you. You can also adjust how laid back or upright you want the seat to be, with the push of a button. When Colton was ready for his naps and feeling a little over stimulated, I easily adjusted his seat and pulled down his sun shade so that he could lay back. The handlebar is also easily adjustable to mommy and daddy are comfortable pushing it, regardless of height. Also, I'm a little taller than average so having the adjustable handlebar was crucial for me. 3. It Matches My Chic There's something to be said about a stylish stroller. I spent my first go-round at mommyhood only purchasing products based on their functionality. Now that I'm older (and wiser), I'm into classic pieces that will last us a while but also help me maintain my chic as a mommy. I'm so proud to walk down the street with this stroller because it's super chic. The GREGORY style gives it a nice denim look and I love the full-grain leather accents. 4. It Travels Well I feel like a pro at traveling with baby now. I used to take Cadence everywhere with me - business trips, family vacations, and now that I've opted to exclusively breastfeed Colton I have to tote him around with me as well. When you're juggling children and TSA required ID, and blankets and food for the plane and the other 26339309 things moms take with us on flights, having an easy to fold and functional stroller is VERY important. I mastered getting through security quickly and easily thanks to the UPPAbaby CRUZ. I love that it has a large basket underneath for storage. I could stow his blanket, my baby carrier, my jacket and his bottles under there on the way to the plane - it has ALOT of space. Also, it just requires one click to fold down (GENIUS!) and if you close it correctly, it stands on its own. I can't rave about this stroller enough. Last month I took Colton on his first trip to California and the UPPAbaby CRUZ was the perfect accompaniment for us. I got so many compliments on how sleek it is and it helped eliminate some of the difficulty I normally face when traveling with baby. Highly recommended stroller for new mamas! Click here to check it out:

This post is sponsored by UPPAbaby. We were sent this product for review. All opinions expressed above are my own and not those of the company.

Photos: Kaye McCoy