New Mommy Must-Have: Tiny Love Activity Mat for Tummy Time

by Christina Brown

I’ve partnered with Tiny Love to share about how we incorporate tummy time into Colton’s day and the importance of stimulating little minds with toys and activities. Now that Colton is 7 months old, he is SUPER active and hardly keeps still. As a mompreneur, I often find myself in the middle of client calls and trying to entertain him at the same time. So any opportunity I get to put him down and allow him to play, I take it. I try to give him lots of activities during the day to stimulate him and keep him busy. Whenever it’s tummy time, we pull out our Tiny Love Into The Forest™ Gymini Deluxe Activity Mat. What I love most about this activity mat is how flexible and adjustable it is. The adjustable arches at the top let you customize the activity mat to match your baby's developmental stages. So for tummy time you can keep toys in front to stimulate crawling, or lay them flat on their backs to stimulate touch and sight. Colton really likes to be on his tummy, so I typically push the arches back into one corner so he can crawl toward the toys on the other side. I also love that the activity mat features different textures for baby to touch and feel. The fabric is super soft and the mat itself is lightweight, so I take it with me in and out of different rooms in the house with ease. It’s also multi-use. When I have to change Colton, I detach the arches and use it as a changing pad. WIN. Sidenote: this thing took me all of 5 minutes to put together - it was REALLY easy. I don’t know about you guys, but that’s the first thing I think about before I purchase. How long is it going to take me to assemble this thing? It was really intuitive. The little Into The Forest™ toys that come with the mat can be easily detached, so I actually end up using the teether toy and some of the other critters when we’re on the go. Visual stimulation is really important at his stage, and with the green hooks, I can easily detach these from the activity mat and attach these to his car seat or stroller. Most of the time, I just let him play with them in his hands while I’m driving, to distract him. He’s not a fan of car rides in LA traffic (yikes!) One of Colton’s favorite toys on the mat is the mirror. He’s always intensely staring at the baby on the other side. It keeps him entertained a little while longer while I get the rest of my work done. What are some of your favorite toys to entertain little hands while you work? Feel free to leave a comment!