NEWS: Pennsylvania Outlaws Baby Bump Harrassment

by Christina Brown


Picture taken from LBS Chic: Love Bump In Lace

I dunno about you guys, but I've considered it pretty standard practice for family, friends and strangers alike to stare oddly at my baby bump and then inevitable reach out to touch it. It's like a magnetic field. I imagine once they stare into the bump it draws them in like an uncontrollable energetic force field and (imagine this in slow motion) they have no choice but to reach out their arms and rub it to satisfy their curiosity.


Well the lovely state of Pennsylvania just put an end to that imaginary force field for unassuming strangers who find it necessary to touch pregnant bellies. According to Clutch Magazine, Pennsylvania just amended a law that says touching a pregnant woman’s stomach could be grounds for harassment. It essentially will make it easier for women to press charges against strangers who excessively harass them to touch their baby bumps. The law was renewed after a Cumberland County man was harassing a pregnant woman to touch her belly. Can you imagine??

Read more of the story here at CLUTCH

Have you ever had a stranger touch your belly? What did you do? Do you think laws like this are needed?