On the Market: Kiinde Twist

by Keyaira Boone

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Pregnancy can be the most amazing thing one can experience but it can also be very hectic. From juggling appointments, adjusting budgets, and getting that nursery together, a mommy can get overwhelmed with all of the tasks that need to be completed. One of these tasks includes finding the perfect bottle brand for your baby.

As a mommy who plans on breastfeeding, I wanted to find a bottle that would be convenient for me when it came to assembling and cleaning. It is important to find a brand that is a perfect fit for you and comfortable for your baby. I also wanted to make sure I could find a bottle that my little one would love when transitioning. I went through many brands looking for these features and when I stumbled on an Australian bottle brand named "Kiinde" I became intrigued. After receiving a generous package containing their products, I immediately fell in love. Learn more about this great system below. kiinde Kiinde has been on the market for five years so it's generally new compared to other bottle veterans. But despite being the "new kid", Kiinde has managed to make a great impression on mommies with their unique structure and innovative design. The starter kit comes complete with pre-sterilized breastmilk storage pouches, breast pump adapters, a natural feeding bottle, a variety of nipples, and a foodii snack filler for food storage-basically everything a sleepless new mom could want minus those extra few hours. The breastmilk storage pouches allows mommies to pump milk and store in the freezer until feeding time. It even has a labeling area on the packets so that you can place the date on each pouch you fill. When baby is ready to eat, you simply defrost and warm the pouch by placing it in the Thaw & Warm machine or underneath running warm water and snap it into the bottle. Once the pouch is twisted on the bottle you add the nipple and baby is ready to eat.

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The pouch allows venting to occur without the extra parts because it deflates as your little one drinks. After baby finishes their bottle you can simply throw the pouch away which saves you major cleaning time so that you spend more time with baby.

Kiinde also ensures your child’s safety with their bottle design. The bottle lets the baby control the flow so that if baby decides to break so will the feeding. The bottle also features an oval shape that provides an airtight seal to reduce the risk of cholera. Since the bottle is plastic, it is very light for baby to hold and you can relieve yourself of the fear of broken glass. Food Storage 1 The product also has alternative uses for your child after the infant stage with their "Foodii Squeeze Snack Filler". Imagine you plan a fun outing with your mini for the day. Their crackers are packed, cups loaded with water and milk, but say you want to carry along mashed peas or carrots that's where the Foodii comes in. You can prepare your child's snack and store it in the shake holder look alike easy. The best part is that when your child is ready to eat just pour that good meal into a storage pouch, snap the "Squeeze Spoon" on top and your child is enjoying a delicious snack in seconds. Check out my experience with it above.

The design is similar to a Go'gurt so your little one can squeeze and enjoy a snack. The leak proof caps prevent those messy stains so that you can keep your child in good condition until they hit the playground, you're on your own then! Overall, I am very satisfied with this brand. I have already added them to a few of my baby registries for my little one to try once they arrive. The only critiques I have heard from other mommies about this product is that the pouches are too small for their little one, but it all depends on your baby. Some babies drink more than five ounces of milk at a time others might be satisfied with less. Most would just fill up more pouches to make up for that but other than that I am very happy with it. If you are looking for a top quality bottle without all the extra parts and cleaning, then you should definitely check out Kiinde. If you visit their Facebook page, you can try out their products for FREE! They will ship it to your door so you can see for yourself what all the greatness is about. Just click here for more info.

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-Alyssa Bigbee