Why We Love The Play Like A Girl Campaign To #BringBackPlay

by Christina Brown

play-like-a-girl-campaign I still remember stepping outside my house in my Queens, NY neighborhood and being excited about bike-riding, playing "Duck, Duck Goose" or jumping double dutch with my friends just steps away from my home. Recess was always my favorite time of the day. Outdoor play was always an integral part of my childhood and it scares me sometimes to think that my baby girl Cadence lives in a world where most child's play now happens in front of a digital screen. 17185219967_c0bbb42397_b Today, more than 12.5 million American girls are overweight or obese. Millions more are physically inactive and missing out on sports which have been shown to contribute to higher test scores, less risky behaviors, increased likelihood of college attendance, higher earnings potential and reduced risk of chronic disease.

17449671031_c7f2c11dcf_b So I was really intrigued when a good friend of mine, Trina of BabyShopaholic, told me about this new campaign from the Play Like A Girl!® nonprofit organization. Her daughter Peyton is actually featured in it (she's the cutie with the red shorts above!) and the campaign is committed to raising awareness about the importance of physical activity in the lives of girls—especially in the Deep South where obesity rates are highest. 17262428910_bbd05dd17e_b Play Like A Girl's mission is to inspire girls everywhere to live happier and healthier by promoting physical activity as a path to lifelong success. I mean, think about your own childhood. Where would you be without those group games, sports and bike-riding adventures you grew up on? Those childhood activities breed healthy habits that continue into adulthood. me-and-cadence-3 I love the message behind it and I'm vowing to make sure Cadence has an active and playful childhood as well. Check out the super cute video they created for the campaign:

What about you? How do you keep your family active? Do you still remember your childhood play?

Visit www.iplaylikeagirl.org to learn more about the initiative. Follow @iplaylikeagirl on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use the hashtag #bringbackplay to keep the convo going!