5 Products For Soothing Stretch Marks & Pregnant Belly Itch

by Christina Brown

Products for Stretch Marks This was one of my biggest concerns when I first found out I was pregnant. How do I prevent these dreaded stretch marks that will apparently plague my skin like a bad nightmare? Keeping it all the way 100, there is NO tried & true way to prevent or stop stretch marks from appearing on your skin. I personally tried every skin oil and cream under the sun and STILL ended up with friendly little "gifts" on my belly after giving birth to Cadence. Some say it's hereditary. I just believe some women (like myself) have skin that is predisposed to stretch marks in general. I even got them when my body went through the change during the pre-teen and teenage years. One thing you CAN prevent is the irritation and itch that comes from your skin stretching during pregnancy. And you can also fade those pesky stretch marks that try to linger long after baby is born. Here are five products that I've tried & tested: 1. Bio Oil (Drugstore.com, $15.99) bio oil This one is a must-have. It smells amazing. It has a special formulation that helps with skin itch and helps keep skin moisturized. The breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil, plus Vitamins A, E, and essential plant extracts are rapidly absorbed into the skin without leaving super greasy residue. 2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil olive-oil There's nothing quite like pure, 100% extra virgin olive oil. You can easily find it in your kitchen cabinet, you can use it on your hair, and you can also apply it to your belly as a natural remedy for pregnancy itch and stretch mark prevention. My mom swears by this stuff and she, after four children, has not a one stretch mark. So damn lucky. 3. Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter (Dermstore, $36) mama-mio-stretch-mark-cream I raved about this stuff in my post about the Big City Mom's Biggest Baby Shower Ever. They were handing out samples and at the time I was 6 months pregnant and suffering from the pesky pregnancy itch. This stuff works. 4. Somatique Stretch Mark Treatment (LadySoma.com, $34) somatique-stretch-mark-treatment The lovely folks at Lady Soma conveniently sent me a jar of their Stretch Mark Treatment just a few weeks after I gave birth to baby Cadence. I started using it daily and immediately started seeing results after just 2 weeks. My post-pregnancy stretch marks have gotten visibly lighter! Leave it to the all-natural super ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil and aloe vera. 5. Shea Moisture Bath, Body & Massage Oil (ULTA, $9.99) shea-moisture-massage-oil I've already raved about how much I LOVE Shea Moisture products. Their massage oil is just another great product to add to your arsenal. I like this one particularly at night after a nice hot shower or bath. It smells great (they have different scents depending on the collection - I'm partial to Coconut & Hibiscus) and it also touts all natural ingredients that are great for soothing itch. Shop The Products:
Any suggestions on products that have worked for you? Leave them below!