My Two Cents: How To Be A Fairy Godmother

by Christina Brown

jessica-cadence There is nothing greater than knowing that you have loving, caring and encouraging people in your life who not only care about you but care about your offspring as well. Cadence's godmother Jessica Andrews is one such person. Which is why when she sent me this post via email, the minute I started reading, my eyes welled up with tears. She is a proud godmother, a hard worker and in addition to all the fabulous things she does for a living (being a top style blogger, a freelance contributor for publications like the New York Times, Elle and Vanity Fair and an overall amazing human being), she does everything in her power to support me on my journey in motherhood. It's with pride and honor that I present you with a letter from Jessica on how to be an amazing godmother aka a "Fairy Godmother": It was the night before Cadence's sip-and-see party, and I had piles of printed photo paper sprawled on the living room floor at my Dad's house, scissors in hand. My Dad walked in and gave me a quizzical look. "Godmother duties," I explained. He laughed. "You're not a regular godmother. You're a fairy godmother." My Dad has jokes. But he's right in that I do go above and beyond for my little godbabies, Cadence and Naomi. I don't do it to get anything in return, or simply to say that I did. I do it out of love. Love, I've found, is the source of every Mom's superpower.
I can't tell the story of my love for Cadence, without explaining my friendship with her Mom. Christina was my roommate for two years before Cady got here. And it was then that I saw how friends can become family. She was there cheering the loudest when things were going well for me. And she was also there when I was sick, or sad, or scared, or stressed --- still cheering me on, still supporting me. She has this way of being honest without judging and always finding the bright side in everything.
When she found out she was pregnant with Cadence, I did everything I could to support her the same way. I went to the store for sandwiches and chips. I tried my best to encourage her as she made the brave journey to motherhood. "Look how much you've already sacrificed for your baby," I'd say, pointing out her move from our apartment in Harlem to New Jersey. "You're already a great Mom!"
The truth is she's an even better Mom than I could've imagined then. It's amazing to see your friend take on the most challenging and rewarding role of her life, and do it with such strength and grace. In between feedings and diaper changes and doctor visits, Christina still manages to pursue her own dreams, run her businesses and make sure Cadence's life is full of fun adventures like water parks and apple-picking. Cadence has so much to be proud of. Christina makes it look easy, but it's not. There are many times when she's juggling a million things at once. I laugh at how she's always on a conference call handling business and the person on the phone has no idea she's feeding, rocking or changing Cadence at the same time. That is when I try to step in as her village and her support, alongside Cadence's Dad, grandparents and her many aunts and uncles (both blood relatives and friends). And we all do it out of love. cadence-jessica-birthday-bottle My friendship with Christina naturally transferred to her daughter. I loved Cadence before she even got here! And after that chilly day in February when she was born, I learned she's pretty amazing on her own. I love the way her whole face lights up when she smiles and laughs. I love that she knows the camera and serves face as soon as she hears 'click' (#Slaydence). I love that she's sharp and independent, always figuring out how to do new things on her own. I love seeing the determination on her face when she tries to crawl to the other side of the room, or contemplate how to get her walker past our makeshift chair fort in the kitchen. I love when she dances (on Beyonce!) or gets excited turning the pages when I'm reading "Goodnight Moon" to her before bed. I love when she lays her little head on my shoulder before going to sleep. jessica-cadence-first-meet By definition, godparents make a pledge to take care of the child should something happen to their parents. But being a godmom is much more than serving as a stand-in. It's about supporting the parents as best you can, reinforcing what they teach at home and giving them a break when they ask for it (and especially when they don't). It's about being there for the child: being present for lazy days spent watching "Sprout" and playing with toys, and action-packed days visiting the beach or exploring the FAO Schwartz toy store in Manhattan. jessica-naomi-cadence I really enjoyed taking both my goddaughters to FAO Schwartz on our first of many goddaughter play dates. Those are the kinds of things my godmom and Aunts did with me growing up. My childhood is full of beautiful memories of trips to the zoo, the beach, the circus, amusement parks, playgrounds, toy stores, kids museums and more. I'm grateful for the chance to create those same memories with Cady. I'm so lucky to be somebody's "fairy godmother." jessica-cadence-smiles

Are you a godmom? What do you love most about it? Please leave a comment & share your stories.