Welcome To The New BabyBrownSugar

by Christina Brown

bbs-8Wow! It's been a while, guys. Welcome to the new BabyBrownSugar. This website has been on my heart for almost a year now but time, work and other priorities just didn't allow me to give it my all. As you guys know, LoveBrownSugar is my style site and what I base my full-time business around as a mompreneur. So it has always been my main priority. Add to that my newest "baby" in the LoveBrownSugar brand family - BrownGirlsLove - and you have a long list of to-do's and barely enough time to sleep since the beginning of this year. But BabyBrownSugar will always have a special place in my heart. bbs-2 This website is where I started my journey into mommyhood, even before I became a mom. It's where some of my personal favorite mommies (including my own!) came to share their stories and testimonies. It's also where I shared a monthly to bimonthly account of how my baby girl was growing before my eyes. It has always been super special and that's why I'm relaunching it. bbs-3 Just like children grow and evolve over time, so has this website. I'm not the same mommy I was in 2013 when I started it and I hope with the relaunch of BabyBrownSugar.com, I can share some more of my wisdom and gain some from all of you. bbs-5 I love telling stories. I always have and always will. And so I'm relaunching BabyBrownSugar to tell more of our stories. I'm relaunching to share what this last year of motherhood has taught me and to open the door for more mommies of color to tell their truths and empower one another. bbs-6 Whether you're here for advice, here because you hope to one day be a mommy yourself, or just here to see Cadence's funny pictures - whatever the reason is, I want to THANK you. You could be anywhere on the world wide web, but you're here. I hope you enjoy your time perusing the site. bbs-9 Please leave us comments and feel free to holler if there's something on the site you want to see more of. Love, Christina & Cadence (aka #babybrownsugar) bbs

My Outfit | Dress: Forever 21 Plus Collection | Shoes: Trina Turk (found at TJ Maxx) | Cadence's Outfit | Dress: Genuine Kids by Osh Kosh | Shoes & Headband: H&M Kids

Photography by Joe Chea