What's In That Big Mac? McDonald's Answers Our Questions

by Christina Brown

mcdonalds-meal Many of us grew up knowing exactly what time it was when Mom's car pulled into the driveway and we saw those big golden arches up above. In fact, I think McDonald's was the first word I learned to spell on my own because my parents used to have to spell it out in conversation so I didn't accidentally overhear it and go crazy. Yes, we've all grown up loving the smell of their fries and those little surprise Happy Meal toys. Now that I'm a Mom myself and we've progressed so much in our knowledge of the fast food industry, there are obviously reservations about what you should and shouldn't feed your children. Even more than that, there are still questions and rumors about what's actually in those Big Macs and chicken McNuggets we grew up on. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's wondering what's fact or fiction. Well McDonald's is now opening up the floor for questions from all of you about what's in their food. They've created an entire "Our Food. Your Questions" campaign to address some of these inquiries and to put us all at ease about what's actually in our favorite burgers and fries. Check out this video with more information about what's in their beef:

McDonald's wants to hear from you! Tweet @McDonalds & @BabyBrownSugar_ on Twitter with any questions you have about what's in their food. Nothing is off limits!

To learn more about what's in Mickey D's food, check out their YouTube playlist which is chock full of information from the "Our Food. Your Questions" campaign.